lead in a short film about finding pleasure by any means necessary
[written & directed by Rex Provost, premiered in Los Angeles at PROOF Film Festival]

lead in a short film about believing women and avoiding danger
[written by Emily Adams,
co-written & directed by Rex Provost]

‘DONNA DECARELESS’ by Oil Slick Rick
Made for Yelllow Dot’s Shut the Fossils Up campaign
[written, directed, and edited by me;
cinematography by Rex Provost]

lead in a short film about a purgatorial waiting room
[directed by Mar Sudac for Brown Motion Pictures]

a projection-based solo performance
[written, directed, performed, animated by me]

‘Hey Chica’ by Bobui
supporting role in a love story filmed on Super 8 (music video)

[directed by Alexis Gómez]

I’m Slightly Schmacked
spoof of the popular youtube series for Brown University
[written & directed by Frida Perez]