Emotion Design
hand-drawn stop-motion loops exploring the highs, lows, and everything in between
(commissions open)

Animations by John
a short collection of original toons

a projection-based solo performance 

Art Direction

Short Stack NY
creative direction, video/photo, web design

LISA Sketch Comedy
graphic & poster designer

Soundtown Music Festival
logo/graphic design

A Bleached Whale,  Ushamami,   Guaico
album cover art

Out of Bounds Sketch Comedy
digital media producer

Interactive Video

WarGames, That Moment When,  Creator Incubator
eko’s creator & platform support specialist 

Graphic Design

MATOMA/UberFacts - Holy Moly Facts
promotional animated series for Atlantic Records artist

BAYNK Social Media Graphics
tour promo assets for Atlantic Records artist

visual puns about your favorite musicians

Brown Senior Week 2017
logo & asset design

Brown Noser
photoshop, photo editing

Experience Design

public installation

Beat Gloves
digital instrument, performance

Light Synthesizer
digital instrument, performance 

Business As Usual
mixed media collaboration with Andres Chang

Photo  |  Video  |  Digital