John is a Videographer, Designer, and Multimedia Artist.
[ this is his website ]

Some of his current roles -
- Art Director/Visual Media Producer at Short Stack, a collaborative music space in Brooklyn
Founder & creative director of Absolutely Unreal Productions
- Graphic & Poster Designer for LISA comedy group
- Videographer & Photographer for HONEYTRAP live sessions and affiliated bands
- Freelance editor and animator 

Other clients include -
The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
[adult swim]
TIME Magazine
Shark Tank
Hasan Minhaj
Mr. Beast
Atlantic Records
New York Comedy Fest
LATINA Magazine
Amazon Labor Documentary
M*ss*ng P*eces
Eko Interactive Video
Brown University Design Workshop
Brown Computer Science, C+STEAM
A Better World by Design
independent artists, musicians, and filmmakers in NYC and beyond
maybe you?

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for inquiries (or to say what up) please email