John is a hack of all trades:
Filmmaker, Editor, Performer and Multimedia Artist.
[ this is his website ]

Some of his current roles:
- Video editor for VOGUE
- Creative Director and Storytelling Lead for Education Startup Rhymes with Reason
- Director of ‘Make Believe with William Banks
- Director/Videographer/Editor for fashion journalist Liana Satenstein’s show ‘NEVERWORNS
- BTS photographer on 2023 Sundance Special Jury Documentary Winner ‘UNION
- Art Director/Visual Media Producer/Co-Founder at Short Stack, a collaborative music space in Brooklyn
- Videographer and Creative Direction for Car World
- Visual Designer for Adam Gold’s Comedian Clients
- Creative Director / Graphic & Web Designer for The Debt Gala
- Videographer & Photographer for HONEYTRAP live sessions and affiliated bands
- Graphic & Poster Designer for independent musicians and comedians in NYC and beyond

Other clients include...
[adult swim]
Oscar Isaac & Elvira Lind
Yellow Dot
Hyperobject Industries
Hasan Minhaj: The Patriot Act & The King’s Jester
TIME Magazine
Shark Tank
Mr. Beast
Atlantic Records
Kidz Bop
Mad Gene Media
Overheard NY
Small Ideas Productions
Car World
The Debt Gala
New York Comedy Fest
LATINA Magazine
Amazon Labor Documentary
M*ss*ng P*eces
Eko Interactive Video
Brown University Design Workshop
Brown Computer Science, C+STEAM
A Better World by Design
independent artists, musicians, and filmmakers in NYC and beyond
maybe you?

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for inquiries (or to say what up) please email