HONEYTRAP: Live (The Movie)
45min live music documentary exploring the recording of and inspiration behind Honeytrap’s 2019 live album
[direction, cinematography, edit, interview]

Pity Party // DAYTONA
32moons music video
[direction, cinematography, edit]

$0 short film
[direction, cinematography, edit]

The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
[jr. graphics & motion designer on S3]

Mr. Beast 100Mil Subscribers,
Mr. Beast Mall Hide and Seek
[camera op, documentary zone lead]

Spongebob Zoom Table Read

[shoot PA & post PA]

Nickelodeon + NASA: Slime in Space
[shoot PA & post PA]

Short Stack Sessions
SSS promotional teaser
live music sessions
[direction, cinemtography, edit]

Car World
[videographer & photographer]

‘Think Again’
Boy Venus music video
[direction, edit]

‘Hot Shower’
A Bleached Whale music video
[cinematography, camera op]

reels editor and motion designer

WarGames, That Moment When,  Creator Incubator
eko’s creator & platform support specialist